First Visit to The Veterinarian

veterinarianThe most fascinating, loving action that a pet owner cam give to its darling animal is to have his or her pet be subject to the regular, timely health care that it can get from its veterinarian. The life of our pet depends on its health care.

Prevention is at all times better than cure. Veterinarians can determine the state of the puppies health. It is in this way for the owner to know if the dog is having some problems. Nevertheless, do pond on the following guidelines before actually sending your pet to a veterinarian.

Where was the Dog bought?

Know the origin of your dog. Was your dog the daughter of your friend’s dog or did you bought it from a dog breeder. To learn this aspect of your dogs life is very much important. Some dog breeders may already have given your puppy its first vaccination. It is advised then to get all paper works about your pet before actually having them live with you for we do not want our puppies having an over dosage in a certain medicine.

You’re Dog’s Age

Just like human babies, pet dog’s mother’s milk secretes several protective antibodies that fight off any diseases threatening the well being of the young puppy. But of course, the said antibodies go away within a very fast pacing time. Puppies aging from eight (8) to ten (10) weeks are very much susceptible to several diseases. Hence, it is for this matter that it is better for the puppy be sent to an immediate veterinarian for check up and vaccinations.

Medical Examination

Remember that it is the puppies whom are easily subject for worm and paradise. The medical examinations must be done religiously and regularly both monthly and annually especially with our pet dogs cub.

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